Wrexham Drivers Awarded £60,000 for Unfair Dismissal

Three Wrexham drivers awarded £60,000 for unfair dismissal.

The case hinged on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations – or TUPE which protects workers’ rights when a business changes ownership.

In March 2010 the three drivers transferred goods stored for customers from one unit on Wrexham Industrial Estate to a new one and were then dismissed.

The contracts they had worked on had continued to operate from the new unit and they had watched their lorries doing the work.

At a pre-hearing in Shrewsbury in January it was ruled that Keith Stokes – who traded as Keith Stokes Transport Services – had transferred the business to a new limited company, Transport and Storage Services Ltd, of which he was a director and the transport manager.

The tribunal was due to listen to arguments at Mold Law Courts on Friday about whether or not the three drivers – Peter Glaspole, Peter Darlington and Paul Bryan – had been unfairly dismissed. But lawyers for the company admitted there had been a breach of TUPE regulations and their dismissal was automatically unfair.

Mr Glaspole was awarded £22,205, Mr Darlington was awarded £15,536 and Mr Bryan £23,337.

The company had also failed to issue contracts of employment to the drivers and was ordered to pay two weeks wages to each of the three men for that.

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Wrexham Drivers Awarded £60,000 for Unfair Dismissal
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