Induction and Probation Toolkit

The Induction and Probation Toolkit is designed to assist you with complying with the framework of existing legislation

Induction and Probation Toolkit. Did you know that employees are most likely to leave within the first 3 months of employment? There is also substantial evidence from research (CIPD, HSE and others) that stress the importance of a thorough Employee Induction. Not only to retain your talent, but you get your new employee doing the job you are paying them to do a lot quicker, and help ensure health and safety and reduce expensive errors.

There is a huge amount of information to check, collect and give. Some legal and compliance requirements. Like the Right to Work in the UK, HRMC information, and evidence of their qualifications. Some for administration, like Bank details, driving licences or perhaps a Health Assessment Questionnaire, and so on.

And, let’s not forget all the information your new employee needs to be given from you to be able to get up to speed and start getting the job done.

Many costly accidents, near miss incidents, or even just costly business errors, could have been prevented if a person had been fully and systematically inducted into the business, the job, and the working environment.

A structured and systematic induction procedure, and legally compliant forms, will greatly reduce your business risks and unnecessary costs. Trust me, no matter how hard you try, you will never remember all you need to do unless you have a systematic procedure, to ensure everything is completed and recorded.

It may be worth noting, I have used the signed Induction check list, or its documentation as written and signed evidence in employee disputes, Tribunals, accident investigations and even personal injury claims. Which was very handy!

This Induction and Probation Toolkit provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Purpose of the Probationary Period
  • Purpose of the Induction Process
  • Transition from Candidate to Employee
    • Offer Letter and Contract of Employment
    • Joining Instructions
    • Preparing For The New Employee
    • Setting Objectives
  • Managing the First Few Months
    • The First Day
    • The First Week
    • Within 3 Months
    • Final Probation Review
    • Within 12 Months
  • Problems During the Probationary Period
    • Disciplinary Issues
    • Pregnancy and Maternity
    • Sickness Absence
    • Promotion And Internal Transfers
Total pages:56
Last updated: August 2023
The Induction and Probation Toolkit contains the following template documents to support the guidance notes:

  • Policies: Probation and Induction with a Flow Chart and Model Framework for Monitoring Staff Serving a Probationary Period.
  • Pre Employment: Pre employment checklist.
  • First Week: Probation period assessment form, Letter setting out probation plan for an employee, Induction Checklist, Equipment Receipt Form, New Employee Announcement and New Employee Introduction to Customers.
  • Interim Review Meetings: Interim Review Form, Reminder of First and Second Interim Review Meetings, Letters Confirming Satisfactory Progress and Unsatisfactory Progress with Performance Improvement Plan and Letters Confirming Progress Towards the Performance Improvements Plan and Letter confirming suspension of probationary period due to extended period of sickness.
  • Final Assessment: Reminder of Final Review Meeting (Completion or Extension Likely Outcome), Reminder of Final Review Meeting (Dismissal Likely Outcome), Final Assessment Form, Confirmation of Satisfactory Completion, Confirmation of Extension of Probation and Confirmation of Dismissal.
  • Appeal Against Dismissal: Invitation to Appeal Meeting, Confirmation of Rearranged Hearing, Appeal Meeting Record and Confirmation of Appeal Meeting Decision.

All the supporting materials are created Microsoft Word so you may easily save them to your PC, amend them to suit your business style and then use them time and time again.

Who should buy this package?

  • Those new to the HR function
  • Non specialists, such as Accountants and Directors PA’s with responsibility for HR
  • Office Managers
  • Company Secretaries
  • Owners, Directors and Partners of small and medium sized businesses

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