Top Tips For Managing HR

Top Tips For Managing HR In A Small Business

My Top Tips For Managing HR In A Small Business has been updated with the latest statutory entitlements and what is on the employment law timetable.

Commencing The Employment Relationship:

  • Recruitment;
  • Offer of Employment;
  • Entitlement to Work in the UK;
  • Pre-employment Checks;
  • Section 1 Statements; and
  • Employee Handbook.

The First Few Weeks:

  • Induction; and
  • Probation.

Pay, Benefits and Working Time:

  • Pay;
  • Itemised Payslip;
  • Benefits
  • Working Time;
  • Flexible Working; and
  • Laying Off Employees

Time Off Work:

  • Statutory Holiday Entitlement;
  • Sickness and Sick Pay;
  • Adverse Weather;
  • Time off for Dependents;
  • Authorised Leave; and
  • Unauthorised Leave.

Having a Baby or Adopting a Child:

  • Maternity Leave and Pay,
  • Adoption Leave and Pay,
  • Surrogacy,
  • Paternity Leave and Pay
  • Shared Parental Leave and Pay; and
  • Unpaid Parental Leave.

Compassionate Leave:

  • Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay; and
  • Leave in Other Circumstances.

Getting The Best From Your Employees:

  • Performance Management;
  • Appraisal; and
  • Setting Objectives.

Health and Safety:

  • Training;
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency;
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene;
  • Eye Tests;
  • First Aid;
  • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences; and
  • Smoking.

What To Do When Things Go Wrong:

  • Discipline; and
  • Grievances.

Terminating The Employment Relationship:

  • Statutory Notice Periods;
  • Retirement;
  • Voluntary Resignation;
  • Verbal Resignation;
  • Pressured Resignations and Ultimatums;
  • Constructive Dismissal;
  • Fair Reasons For Dismissal;
  • Redundancy;
  • Garden Leave and
  • References of Ex Employees.

Other HR Related Matters:

  • Blogging and Social Medial;
  • Discrimination/Less Favourable Treatment;
  • Harassment and Bullying;
  • Implementing A Dress Code;
  • Living With Covid-19;
  • Processing of Personal Data (GDPR);
  • TUPE IN: acquiring a business or taking over a contract to provide a service (TUPE); and
  • TUPE Out: selling a business.

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