Tips and Tools for Managers of People

Quick Fixes to Common HR Problems

My practical Tips and Tools for Managers of People can be implemented immediately and will have a positive effect on how you manage your people. I also summarise some recent Tribunal cases that may have an impact on how you manage your people. To support my Tips and Tools I have made some template forms and letters available for instant download.

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Key to Tips and Tools for Managers of People

Legislation News
Employment Tribunal Decisions
Precedent-setting cases from the EAT and higher appellate courts, along with reports of selected tribunal cases. These reports will help you to stay up to date with developments in case law and keep informed about the situations that have led to employment tribunal claims.
Employment Legislation News
Details about new employment legislation and amendments to existing legislation which have been passed by Parliament with the expected dates of implementation.
Management Information
Clear, simply written briefings designed to ensure managers of people comply with employment law and good practice.

Categories of Tips and Tools for Managers of People

I have now archived all the guidance, information and letters I provided to support you during the coronavirus pandemic. Guidance relating to Living with Covid can be found under the Infectious Diseases sub folder, found within the Sickness and Sick Pay folder.
Recruitment Guidance to help you recruit the right people for your business. For instance: My Top Tips For Inviting The Right Candidates For Interview and Requesting References From Previous Employers. Open This Folder
Contracts and Employee Handbooks
employee-handbook-image-184-x-90 Guidance to help you ensure your contracts of employment and employee handbooks are up to date. For instance: My Top Tips For Reviewing and Updating your Employee Handbook. Open This Folder
Wages and Benefits
employee-benefits-word-cloud-138-x-91 Guidance to help you manage wages and benefits. For instance: New Rates for the National Minimum Wage, Statutory Payments and Employment Tribunal Award Limits. Open This Folder
Working Time
Guidance to the help you manage working time including handling requests for flexible working. Open This Folder
Getting the Best From Your Employees
employee-development-word-cloud-174-x-91 Guidance to help you get the best from your employees. For instance: setting objectives and best practice with induction and probationary periods. Open This Folder
Sickness and Sick Pay
sick-leave-word-cloud-140-x-92 Guidance to help you control sickness absence. For instance: how to deal effectively with unsatisfactory levels of short term absence. Open This Folder
Annual Holiday Entitlement
annual-leave-word-cloud-91-x-91 Tribunal Claims relating to Annual Holiday Entitlement are high, the guidance in this section will help you ensure you stay on the right side of this complex legislation. Open This Folder
Unusual Requests for Time off Work
leave-of-absence-image-93-x-91 Guidance to help you manage those unusual requests for time off work. For instance: Taking Time to Care for a Dependent, Bereavement Leave and Managing Attendance During a Period of Adverse Weather or Major Sporting Event. Open This Folder
Having a Baby or Adopting a Child
maternity-leave-word-cloud-146-x-90 Guidance regarding time off work for parents who are having a baby or adopting a child. For instance: news about the new right for fathers to attend ante natal appointments, the extension of shared parental leave to grandparents and the annual increases to statutory payments. Open This Folder
Guidance regarding equality at work, including bullying and harassment, age, disability, race, religion or belief, pregnancy and sex discrimination. Open This Folder
Discipline and Grievance
discipline-word-cloud-200-x-90 Guidance to support you with Disciplinary and Grievance processes. For instance: how to conduct the hearing and tips for taking notes at the hearing. Open This Folder
Miscellaneous HR Issues
human-resouces-image-145-x-90 Guidance with some of the more unusual HR matters. For instance: New driving licence rules, the apprenticeship levy, the future world of work and rights of workers inquiry and updates relating to Brexit. Open This Folder
Termination of Employment
terminating-employment-word-cloud-140-x-91 Guidance to support you when you are parting company with an employee or group of employees. For instance: how to ensure a fair process is followed and explaining a dismissal to your remaining employees. Open This Folder
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