Temporary Recruitment and Internal Applicants

Temporary Recruitment and Internal Applicants. Imagine the scenario, one of your senior employees will be going on maternity leave shortly and you’ve advertised for a replacement on a temporary contract to cover their absence. One of your existing permanent employees with 6 years’ service then says ‘I’d quite like to have a go at that’.

If you slot the permanent employee in to the temporary role what happens to their employment status at the end of the temporary contract?

Firstly, and most importantly your existing employee should not have to sign away their employment rights if they move in to the temporary role as that could potentially be unfair dismissal.

Once an employee has accrued 4 years’ service the Fixed Term Contracts Regulations cease to apply to them as any employee in that situation would automatically become a permanent employee. Therefore, as the permanent employee has in excess of 4 years’ service you have two options:

  1. Decline them for the role

    You could justify this on the basis they are permanent and you want someone specifically for the fixed period.

  2. Accept them to the role

    Your temporary recruitment then shifts to backfill the vacancy created by their move. At the end of the temporary role, you would have to manage them as someone with accumulated service. Because they optionally moved to the role it is likely you could justify a redundancy and justify not using a selection pool, there is an argument that they opted into a selection pool of one by taking the role. Or they could transfer back to their old role and the temporary replacement would leave the business.

Fixed Fee Fully Managed Recruitment Service

Recruitment is a crucial process, so let me help you get it right

I understand how important it is to recruit the right people each and every time you recruit and how much time that process takes. With that in mind I designed my Fixed Fee Recruitment Service to take away all those time-consuming parts of the process and make sure that you only have to deal with the serious candidates.

Whether you are looking to recruit your first employee, need to quickly ramp up your headcount or are looking to recruit a HR Administrator or HR Manager for your business, I am here to help you.

I charge a fixed fee for my service regardless of the role you are recruiting for; that can save you thousands of pounds when compared to extensive percentages of salary fees that a recruitment agency will charge

  • Advertising – I will review your advert or write it for you
  • Filtering Candidates – I will review all the applications and filter them so you will only see the candidates with the closest match to your requirements
  • Arranging Interviews – I will contact all the candidates on your behalf, gaining answers to any preliminary questions you have and make sure they have all the details they need prior to meeting you
  • Providing Feedback – I will contact every applicant to inform them they have been unsuccessful
  • Pre-employment Checks – I will carrying out comprehensive pre-employment checks for the successful candidate, including references from previous employers and checking the right to work in the UK

I offer a fixed fee plan, aimed at professional and middle and senior level appointments.

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Temporary Recruitment and Internal Applicants

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