Telephone Interviews

Schedule Telephone Interviews In To Your Recruitment Process

Recruiting is a process we must all go through when we are growing. It’s inevitable, our businesses will reach a point where we need more people to handle the work load. Most of us have a system we follow to find new people: we let people we know we are recruiting; we place an ad; we interview and we hire the best person. You are on the right track as this is essentially how recruiting works. I am a big believer in an extra step that many people skip either because they don’t feel it’s necessary or it’s a waste of time – telephone interviews.

Many people I talk to have a tendency to jump straight into the in-person interview based on the content of the CV. Then five minutes into the interview you realise the person is not a good fit and then wonder what you’re going to talk about for the next 30 minutes. After all it would be rude to end the interview after five minutes when they made the effort to dress up and get to your place of business. You have to remember the CV speaks of skills and work history. You typically find people are not a match for your company based on personality or attitude.

This is where telephone interviews can be a great help. When I’m supporting a client with their recruitment campaigns, I schedule a 15-minute interview with each candidate on the short list. The aim is to determine if they meet the basic requirements of the position and if they will fit in with the client’s team. I recommend only asking about five questions during the telephone interview. Also, to get the most from the process, ask the questions before telling them about the position and the company.

The questions you ask will be more about the essentials a person must have, these are the items you consider non-negotiable. For example: How would you rate your Excel skills? Why? or Tell me about the most difficult customer you have to work with?

Telephone Interview Format

I recommend and use the following format for telephone interviews:

Welcome: As with the in-person interview, you want the person to be comfortable and themselves. Take a few minutes to do this.

Ask Questions: The 4 or 5 questions you created beforehand so you are asking everyone the same questions.

Supply Information: Lastly, tell them about the position and the company.

Part: Let them know when you will get back to them about next steps in the interview process.

The 15 minutes you spend on the phone to screen candidates will save you 30 minutes or more per person who is not a good fit for the position or your company. Now during the in-person interview you can learn more about their background and how the person will fit in.

Introducing telephone interview in to your recruitment process will save you time and show you how necessary they are.

Telephone Interviews

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