Private Detectives as an Extension of your Management Team

Many large businesses, particularly in retail, employ private detectives as part of their HR departments. But generally, they are only called upon in reaction to an incident or a gut feeling that there is something happening and essentially the HR team need some evidence so they can begin their formal procedures. This article is a brief overview of where a private detective may be able to help your business.

  • Sickness issues – Sometimes an employer may have suspicions that an employee is not genuinely ill or maybe a colleague has said they have seen them out night clubbing, this is often more an issue when the employee is claiming their illness is the fault of the employer and needs to establish blame and the employer is reluctant to pursue them too vigorously in case of a more substantial pay-out.
  • Theft issues – Theft is quite simply the case of an employee taking something that belongs to the employer, this can be money, stock, fixtures and fittings, stationery and even time.
  • Background checking – A lot of C.Vs are a work of fiction, recent checks made have shown using father-in-laws as referees, using firms as ex-employers where it would be impossible to check the validity.
  • Competitive Trading – This is where a member of staff uses their employers time to either establish or trade with their own business or work for someone else at the same time.
  • IT Fraud – Specialist IT investigators may be needed when a firms computer systems have been used inappropriately, this generally must be used together with an effective IT policy.
  • Loss Prevention – Some private investigators specialise in working through current business processes in partnership with the HR people to help reduce the opportunity for loss in the future.

A private investigator will liaise with the HR Department or HR Specialist to solve the issues within current legislation.

Private Detectives as an Extension of your Management Team

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