Pay As You Go HR Advice

Additional HR support for your business just when you need it!

If you are struggling to keep all your HR balls in the air you will find working with me on a short-term basis provides you with a quick and cost-effective solution to managing your day-to-day HR matters.

When you use my Pay As You Go HR Advice Service you will be taking advantage of over 25 years of experience in providing HR advice to Directors and line managers and I will:
  • Protect Your Business
  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Recover Your Time
  • Reduce Your Costs

I love the challenge of a new HR problem, each one always has a unique set of variables that makes every step exciting.

Partnering with me on a short term-basis provides your business with practical, hands-on assistance. I will provide step-by-step advice and if required, will visit your business premises to support you through difficult or sensitive meetings. Giving you the HR support you need, when you need it.

Asking questions as soon as issues arise will assist with the smooth running of your business. I provide practical human resources advice in answer to your questions as well as offering step by step solutions to your everyday employee problems. All telephone calls are followed up by an email summary of the advice and attaching any HR documents you will need to implement the advice I have provided.

I take the stress and strain away by providing practical, expert and business focussed HR Advice

Here are some of the different ways my Pay As You Go HR Advice Service can help you:

  • Provide Advice and Support with Day to Day HR Matters
    Such as family friendly leave, absence and attendance issues, flexible working requests and poor performance.

    If you have a disciplinary or grievance matter, I can:

    • Manage the investigation on your behalf.
    • Attend formal meetings as the Company witness
    • Ensure you follow the right procedure
    • Support you reach a fair decision

    If you have employees with short or long term sickness issues I can work with you to reach a satisfactory conclusion for instance a return to work or dismissal.

    In the case of disputes between employees I could act as a mediator and facilitate a series of private meetings with the individuals.

  • Attend Formal Employment Meetings
    I can provide ad-hoc on-site support for instance: attendance at management meetings or to support you with specific HR matters such as an investigation, a disciplinary meeting, a performance review, recruitment interviews or one-to-one meetings with staff during a restructuring programme.

  • Complete a Disciplinary Investigation
    Proper investigation of a disciplinary matter provides the foundation for any subsequent decisions. An incomplete or ineffective investigation will make it difficult to fairly discipline an employee suspected of wrongdoing. A thorough and complete investigation is your risk management tool if the matter progresses to a tribunal.

    I have many years experience of conducting investigations in a transparent and impartial manner with the utmost care and confidentiality.

    I will carry out the investigation with minimal disruption to your business, including:

    • Gather your evidence,
    • Collect witness statements, and
    • Produce comprehensive investigation report with findings and conclusions.

    If you proceed to a formal disciplinary hearing I can also attend the hearing to present the findings and conclusions so you can make a fully informed decision on the matter.

  • Design or Review Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks or Individual HR Policies
    Employment law changes at an incredibly quick pace and HR policies can quickly become out of date. I can review and update anything from one policy through to a complete contract and employee handbook. When changes have been agreed I can help you introduce those changes to your workforce.

  • Implement or Review Appraisal Programmes and Support you with Managing the Appraisal Process
    I would work with you to develop and implement a performance management (appraisal) system that works with your business goals.

  • Interview New Employees
    I can carry out preliminary telephone interviews with your shortlist of candidates and send you my report. I can also support you during the first or second stage interviews and help you choose the right candidate.

    I can help you recruit successfully by introducing a simple streamlined process that you can repeat over and over again as you grow your team. I could also take the headache away for you, read about my Fully Managed Recruitment Campaigns service.

  • Review CVs to Create a Shortlist of Candidates
    Reading through 100+ CV’s is a time-consuming task. When you’re trying to do that in the middle of your working day it can be easy to get distracted and miss a really good candidate.

    If you send me the CVs you have received with your job spec and key requirements, I will carefully consider each CV against your criteria and provide you with a short list of the candidates who are a close match to your requirements. If required I can also contact each of the short-listed candidates to explore their CV’s in more detail.

  • Manage Redundancy and Restructuring Programmes
    I have led numerous redundancy and restructuring programmes and can offer a complete service that will ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and with minimal risk.

    I could help by:-

    • Offering expert advice on mergers, downsizing and restructuring
    • Providing coaching to managers on effectively dealing with change
    • Designing a selection process and considering pools of candidates when redundancy is necessary
    • Supporting employees who are leaving your business in securing alternative roles
  • Negotiate and Prepare Settlement Agreements
    If you have a situation where you want to terminate the employment of an employee whilst preventing a potential claim being brought to an employment tribunal I can help you by:

    • Supporting ‘without prejudice’ discussions with the employee
    • Preparing the settlement agreement
    • Advising on how much a fair ex-gratia payment would be in your circumstances
    • Negotiating with the employee’s advisor
  • Provide Independent Mediation When You Have a Dispute
    When efficiency levels are suffering because of ongoing issues, minor concerns escalate to “us and them” situations, effective 2-way communication is a problem within the workplace or people are constantly fire-fighting instead of concentrating on what they do best, mediation should be considered as a healthy way to resolve problems before they escalate in to uncomfortable confrontations.

    • Mediation is a relatively inexpensive method of dispute resolution
    • Mediation helps to resolve matters quickly, which can be less stressful for each Party
    • The Parties can reach their own solution rather than having a decision imposed on them by a 3rd party
    • Mediation usually allows people to continue in a positive working relationship
  • Support with Changing Terms and Conditions
    An employment contract can be varied in a number of ways: by mutual agreement; by a collective agreement; by variations allowed for in the contract; by unilateral imposition of new terms, or by dismissal and re-engagement on new terms.

  • Support with ACAS Early Conciliation
    I will provide professional representation through the early conciliation process to help prevent a claim from being made where possible. I will:

    • Assess the merit of the potential claim and whether settlement and participation in conciliation is in your organisation’s best interests
    • Advice on the level of favourable settlement
    • Liaise with ACAS and the employee or employee’s representatives on your behalf throughout the conciliation process

    Where early conciliation is not successful, I can continue to support you through the tribunal process, continuing settlement discussions where appropriate for resolution before the hearing.

  • Support with Responding to a Tribunal Claim
    If you’ve received a claim from the Employment Tribunal and are not sure how to respond I can help you:

    • Assess the case and prepare your response
    • Prepare the witness statements and gather evidence to support your case
    • Prepare the bundle of documents to send to the Claimants representative
    • Settlements can be proposed at any time, either directly with the claimant or their representative or via ACAS
    • Support you before and during the hearing
  • Support with Staff Transfers (TUPE)
    The TUPE Regulations provide protection for employees before, during and after the transfer from one employer to another. Terms and conditions of employment are protected indefinitely.

    I can support you with inbound and outbound transfers including statutory consultations.

    • I would prepare a process flow chart so we are all clear on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it
    • If you are the outgoing employer: I would help you prepare the correct data on contractual and implied terms of employment which are in force and consult with the affected employees.
    • If you are the incoming employer: I would help you review the employee data and would be on-site to support you with the consultation meetings.
    • I would provide a comprehensive toolkit including template letters, check lists and scripts for the consultation meetings

    Failure to properly inform and consult would allow your employees to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal and, if successful, each employee could receive compensation of up to 13 weeks’ gross pay.

  • Take Notes at A Formal Employment Meeting
    Note taking can be challenging, even for those with previous experience, which is why it’s essential that note takers understand what they need to listen out for and then how to clearly document the points and action items from the discussions that have taken place.

    I have many years of experience in taking clear and accurate notes in formal meetings, such as grievance and disciplinary hearings.

How Much Does The Pay As You Go HR Advice Service Cost?

If you are HR Professional looking for a sounding board or the owner of a business looking for ad-hoc advice I am here to help you.

Advice and Support with Day to Day HR Matters

For Advice and Support with Day to Day HR Matters I would charge you for the time used in 15 minute blocks. I will respond to telephone calls, e-mails, texts and social media messages with initial advice within 1 working day. My standard hourly rate for Pay As You Go advice is £90.

HR Projects

All other work listed above would be regarded as Project Work and before agreeing to work for you I would need to gain a clear understanding of the scope of the work you require. I will then prepare a quote which confirms the minimum and maximum number of hours I expect the work to take. Unless something unusual or unexpected happens that changes the direction or timescale of the project, you will never pay more than the maximum cost quoted.

The hourly or daily rate I charge will reflect the level of skill and knowledge required for the work I am carrying out, for instance when I’m taking minutes at a disciplinary meeting, I will charge you a lower rate to the one I would charge if I was responding to a tribunal claim on your behalf.

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