HR Toolkits

The Kea HR Toolkits provided step by step guidance to common HR matters and are created for small businesses.

Each of my HR Toolkits provides you with a Step-By-Step Roadmap through the HR topic giving you the confidence of knowing what to do and when to do it.

The guidance notes are provided as PDF documents and the resource materials are provided as Word files so you can edit them to fit your company style and letterhead and implement them immediately.

Purchasing Options

You can purchase an individual HR Toolkit, a set of HR Toolkits or the complete set of HR Toolkits.

HR Toolkits Subjects

HR Toolkits Getting It Right From The Start
It all starts with knowing what you want people to do and how they will fit in to your team. Good recruitment practices will save you time and money and help make sure you have the right people on your team.

Whether you are replacing an existing person or creating a new role, recruitment and selection can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. This toolkit is designed to ensure that your business attracts and appoints the best possible people to fit the requirements of each vacancy as closely as possible, thereby minimising the cost and disruption to the business, whilst ensuring that nothing in the recruitment procedure discriminates against any applicant.

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HR Toolkits Working Time
Guidance to help you manage working time regulations, requesting flexible working and lay off and short time working.

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HR Toolkits Getting The Best From Your Employees
Clearly setting out duties, goals and performance standards for your employee to achieve will ensure everyone is working together towards achieving your business goals. You will then be able to easily spot where you have gaps in skills and knowledge.

By providing opportunities, facilities and financial help the business will ensure that all employees are in possession of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform their job to a satisfactory standard. Investing in training and development in this way will motivate individuals, leading to greater staff retention and will provide a level of skills commensurate with the current and projected demands of the business.

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HR Toolkits Time off from Work
All employees have a statutory right to time off work in certain circumstances such as holidays and the new entitlement to carers leave. Unplanned absences i.e. sickness and AWOL employees, cause the most problems though and need quick action to nip them in the bud.

Absence is a major concern for every employer with employees been absent with little or no notice. “Taking a sickie” may also be used by staff to deal with personal matters, attend job interviews, or have a day off due to lack of motivation. It can also be a response to bullying, harassment or stress. Some ill-health can be due to working conditions, and accidents are also a major cause of time off work.
The guidelines within this toolkit should assist you in managing your most valuable resources.

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HR Toolkits Having a Baby or Adopting a Child
All employees have a statutory right to time off work when they are having a baby or adopting a child. The rights apply to mothers and fathers including same sex couples. Parents are able to share the statutory period of leave and pay. The latest legislation introduces rights for parents using surrogacy to have a baby.

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HR Toolkits What To Do If Things Go Wrong
Dealing with grievances or disciplinary matters in the correct way is essential in order to resolve matters as quickly and amicably as possible and to avoid claims for unfair and constructive dismissal.

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HR Toolkits Terminating The Employment Relationship
Some employees will choose to leave, if the recruitment process is working right these will be reduced to a minimum, but there may be situations that arise where you need to ‘exit’ individuals from your organisation and these must be managed in the right way to avoid claims for unfair dismissal.

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HR Toolkits Complete Set of HR Toolkits
The HR Toolkits align to form a Complete HR Management System. The overall focus is on helping you manage your workforce and stay legally compliant. Therefore, there are elements of each HR Toolkit that overlap in places as they interlink. Recognising this, I offer a substantial discount, based on the individual prices, if you purchase the complete set. The individual policies included in each HR Toolkit will be displayed collectively as an Employee Handbook. You will also receive a set of bonus documents not included in the HR Toolkits listed above.

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