HR Project Management

Additional HR support for your business just when you need it!

When you use my HR Project Management Service you will be taking advantage of over 25 years of experience in supporting Directors and line managers with managing HR projects and I will:
  • Protect Your Business
  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Recover Your Time
  • Reduce Your Costs

If you are struggling to keep all your HR balls in the air you will find working with me on a short-term basis provides you with a quick and cost-effective solution to managing your HR projects.

I love the challenge of a new HR Project, each one always has a unique set of variables that makes every step exciting.

Those unique variables mean I’m unable to provide an idea of costs on this page. For each HR Project you have in mind I would need to meet you to discuss your specific needs and from there I can design and deliver a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

I am an experienced HR Professional who can take the lead on your HR project, will identify and mitigate the potential risks that your HR Project may create and will also deliver your HR Project on time and within budget!

I take the stress and strain away by providing practical, expert and business focussed HR Project Management

Benefits of Outsourcing a HR Project to Kea HR

Business Protection Button (blue) Protects Your Business
Dealing confidently and consistently with HR issues will minimise the risk of expensive employment tribunals and high levels of staff absence and poor performance
We help you to minimise risk and remain legally compliant throughout your HR Project.
Peace of Mind Button Provides Peace of Mind
Receiving experienced, quality support with your HR project will enable you to get on with running your business knowing your HR matters are been dealt with by an experienced HR Professional.
I have a huge range of experience with HR project management including TUPE, Redundancy and Absence Management.
Recover Your Time Button Recovers Your Time
Tasks such as discipline and grievance investigations, implementing redundancies and restructures and managing complex people problems are time consuming pieces of work for an experienced HR Professional, but as the owner of a small business your first job will be to research the current legislation and then decide how to correctly interpret that in your business, all of which takes you away from your day job – running your business! These are the HR Projects that I am experienced in dealing with and I am here to keep you on track by providing you with guidance and support.
Outsourcing your HR Project to Kea HR means you have more time available to focus on other important elements of your business.
Save Money Button (Blue) Reduces Your Costs
You only pay for bite size chunks of my time, so you are in control of your spending and my fees will be much cheaper than employing an HR Manager who, in a small business, would only be working at Managerial level for a small proportion of their time with the large proportion of their time spent working at Administrator level.
I’m here when you need me to provide practical, expert and business focused HR Project Management.

Features of Outsourcing a HR Project to Kea HR

  • Dedicated Support
    Because I’m concentrating solely on your project I won’t get distracted by other things going on in your business and will bring your project to a quick and satisfactory conclusion.
  • A Professional Project Delivered on Time and On Budget
    I will assume responsibility for the project and will not only see it through to a satisfactory conclusion but will deliver a professional project on time and on budget.

How Kea HR Will Manage Your HR Project

It’s totally up to you whether you take the lead or you give me the authority to manage the project on your behalf.
  • Initially I will meet with you at your business premises to clarify the scope of your HR project and determine your desired outcome.
  • Where there are different courses of action available to you I will explain the different routes you could follow along with the consequences of each of those.
  • I will prepare a process flow chart so we are all clear on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it.
  • I will draft bespoke letters.
  • I will provide guidance notes, check-lists and meeting scripts for when you and your Managers have responsibility for a step in the process.
  • I will be available to attend meetings with your employees should you require additional support.

If you chose to work with me you would receive on-site support during the consultation meetings and unlimited telephone and email support throughout the term of the project.

How Kea HR Can Help You

Here are some examples of the most common types of HR Projects I help existing clients with:

  • Advice with Maternity, Paternity and Adoption situations
  • Attend Formal Employment Meetings
  • Complete a Disciplinary Investigation
  • Design or Review Contracts of Employment
  • Design or Review Employee Handbooks
  • Design or Review Individual HR Policies
  • Implement or Review Your Appraisal Programme and Support You With Managing Your Appraisal Process – particularly useful if this will be the first time you have held appraisals with your employees
  • Improving Attendance at Work and Reducing Poor Attendance
  • Interview New Employees
  • Manage Redundancy and Restructuring Programmes
  • Mediate When You Have a Dispute
  • Support with Absence Issues
  • Support with Flexible Working Requests
  • Support with Negotiating Settlement Agreements
  • Support with Poor Performers
  • Support with Responding to a Tribunal Claim
  • Support with Staff Transfers (TUPE)
  • Support with Suspensions, Disciplinary and Grievance Processes
  • Take Notes at A Formal Employment Meeting

How Much Does it Cost?

Before agreeing to work for you I would need to gain a clear understanding of the scope of the work you require.

I will then prepare a quote which outline a Pay As You Go or Fixed Price arrangement.

Pay As You Go Arrangements
I will confirm the minimum and maximum number of hours I expect the work to take along with my hourly or daily rate. Unless something unusual or unexpected happens you will never pay more than the maximum cost quoted.

The hourly or daily rate I charge will reflect the level of skill and knowledge required for the work I am carrying out, for instance when I’m taking minutes at a disciplinary meeting I will charge you a lower rate to the one I would charge if I was carrying out a disciplinary investigation on your behalf.

Fixed Price Arrangements
Depending on the scope of the project we have discussed I may agree to work for you on a guaranteed fixed price.

Here’s what you need to do right now

If you would like to benefit from my experience in leading HR Projects simply add your name and contact details below. As soon as I receive your enquiry, I will give you a call …

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