PREMIUM PLUS Membership Level

Asking questions as soon as issues arise will assist with the smooth running of your business. I provide practical human resources advice in answer to your questions as well as offering step by step solutions to your everyday employee problems.

As a PREMIUM PLUS User, you will receive the same service as a PREMIUM member:

  • Dedicated Point of Contact, there’s no call centre here, you will always talk to me so you won’t waste your precious time explaining the background to a situation every time you call. I will get to know you, your business and your employees, this knowledge will help me deliver an effective solution to you every time you contact me and that regular contact between us will help me to pick up on issues at an early stage, making them easier and quicker to resolve!
  • Unlimited Remote Advice in the 12 months from the date you join the service. Confidential advice is available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm. There are no restrictions on how frequently you contact me or for what reason you contact me. So every time you have a question or concern regarding an employee or group of employees you can phone me and will receive quality HR and employment law advice, which is in line with legislation and best practice. I will also translate all that technical stuff into a solution that suits the needs of your business.
  • Quick Response, I will respond to your query within one working day.
  • Follow Up, I will follow up the discussion with an email to confirm the advice provided and attach model letters, meeting checklists, forms and other associated documents so you can quickly and confidently implement the advice I have provided.
  • Nominated Users, you choose your nominated users: that might be you or your Senior Management Team.
  • Annual Review of Your Employment Contracts and Associated Policies for Legal Compliance. Having legally compliant HR Policies and Contracts of Employment is vital to reduce risks in your business. I won’t force a set of pre-written HR Policies and Contracts of Employment on you, what I will do is review, update and maintain your existing employee handbook and ensure your suite of employment contracts protect your business. I will develop, implement and maintain a consistent approach to your HR related policies and procedures which will be based on employment legislation, best practice techniques and your HR practices, they will also support your business goals and objectives and increase employee engagement and retention. Once implemented I will coach your line managers in your HR processes.
  • Access to my library of HR toolkits.
  • Handling settlement agreements and COT3 agreements on your behalf including preparation and negotiation.
  • Regular Employment Law Updates confirming the impact changes in legislation may have on your business with recommendations for appropriate action.
    Quality HR advice as and when you need it will give you the peace of mind you need to deal with the employment issues you face on a day-to-day basis without having to spend hours researching employment law.

PLUS the following:

  • Regular On-site Visits, this is dedicated time for your business and enables strong connections and working relationships to be developed across all levels of your business. When you have a complex issue happening in your business that you are struggling to deal with alone, I will be there to support you. My service would be tailored to provide the appropriate time on site to bring your short-term goals to a satisfactory conclusion and put solid foundations in place for those medium and long-term goals.
  • HR Action Plan, I will work with you to improve your HR processes, reduce areas of risk within your business and introduce an effective HR strategy with appropriate policies and procedures that will make your life easier, your business more effective and develop a consistent approach to HR procedures and decisions across the business. Ultimately that will free up you and your senior management team from being so involved in operational issues, enabling you to concentrate more fully on growing your business.
  • Project Management, I will play a key role, and lead, when necessary, on project teams such as: Planning and Implementing Restructuring Programmes, Recruiting and Inducting New Employees and Transferring Staff In and Out of Your Business. I will draft bespoke letters and provide guidance notes and flow charts detailing exactly what needs to be done, when it needs doing by and who is responsible for it (that might be me, you or another manager in your business).
  • HR Software, will help you efficiently and effectively manage your people admin. The software allows you to centralise your employee data including managing holidays and absences.

How Much Does The PREMIUM PLUS HR Advice and Support Service Cost?

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and will provide a service that is customised to meet your circumstances, requirements and budget.

If you are interested in joining my PREMIUM PLUS HR Advice and Support Service, we will need to have a conversation first so I can find out where you are now and where you want to be. Once I’m clear about your short, medium and long-term HR goals I will provide you with an HR Action Plan that will indicate the number of hours of on-site support that will be required to bring your short-term goals to a satisfactory conclusion and put solid foundations in place for those medium and long-term goals. I might suggest spending a few hours every week with you or may be as little as a day a month. The final decision is yours; this is your HR Department and you choose how it works!

Over time your HR requirements will change, new priorities will emerge and sometimes there may not be very much on your HR agenda. These fluctuations will be reflected in the fees you pay.

What I actually end up working on is entirely up to you and your present circumstances. That’s the great thing about a tailored service, there’s no fixed agenda to squeeze you into! You are an individual and your goals and aspirations for your business are unique to you and will change, sometimes with little notice. I have much to share with you but not all of it may be relevant and you will want me to focus on where I can make the biggest difference in your business.

I will act as your very own HR Manager and provide you with business-critical employment law advice and
HR management support across a wide range of staffing issues, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities

Here’s what you need to do right now

If you would like to join my PREMIUM PLUS HR Advice and Support Service simply add your name and contact details below. As soon as I receive your membership request, I will give you a call …

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