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Here are some examples of the types of HR Projects I could manage on your behalf:

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Absence Management
Developing Your Absence Policy
I will work with you to design an absence policy that is straightforward, enabling your employees to easily understand what they have to do as well as helping you to deal with employee absence quickly and consistently.
An unsatisfactory level of sickness absence is a series of intermittent short-term, generally self-certified, absences where the employee is absent for a variety of conditions such as coughs and colds, flu, stomach upsets and food poisoning and migraine and headaches.
An unsatisfactory level of sickness absence can be an indication that the employee is not happy. It could also mean there is an underlying condition that is manageable for some of the time but not all the time, sometimes leading to short term absences. It’s important therefore to have regular chats with employee’s who are absent to determine any underlying reasons for absences. Where there is no underlying condition and the absences are persistent you may reach a point where it is possible to say enough is enough and terminate the employment relationship.
Long Term Absence is when an employee is absent for a prolonged period time, generally due to a single underlying condition, such as a heart attack or cancer.
The employee’s GP may use the medical certificate to indicate adjustments that could be made to the employee’s duties, hours or workplace, which could help the employee return to work. If the advice on the fit note is not sufficient, or no such advice is given, then a medical report will be required to determine what the prospects for recovery are, whether or not the employee would be assisted by alterations in their work or working patterns, and whether or not the condition qualifies as a disability so that the more stringent duty to make reasonable adjustments applies.
How I Can Help You
Initially I will attend your business premises to find out where you are now and where you want to be, from there I will provide step by step technical advice to ensure you reach your desired outcome.
Where there are different courses of action available to you I will explain the different routes you could follow along with the consequences of each of those. To support the advice I provide I will draft bespoke letters and will provide guidance notes and flow charts detailing exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.
I will also be available to attend meetings with your employee should you require.

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Attend Formal Employment Meetings
When you are faced with a complex employee grievance, a disciplinary matter or even an appeal it may help to have an experienced HR professional support you through the formal meetings.

I would guide you through every stage of your procedure to ensure that you act correctly and avoid costly mistakes, helping you by:

  • Providing employment law advice tailored to the situation.
  • Guiding you through a fair procedure.
  • Producing correspondence in accordance with ACAS guidelines.
  • Coaching you on conducting the meetings.

Employment Tribunals will uphold claims of unfair dismissal where a fair procedure has not been followed, even if you appear to have a valid reason for the dismissal.

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Audit Your HR Processes
My audit will assess the effectiveness of your HR function and determine compliance with employment legislation in terms of: general business considerations, recruitment processes, contracts and staff handbooks, personnel records and documentation.

What’s Included in the HR Audit?
I will produce a confidential written report identifying any areas where your business is at risk, with recommendations for improvement supported by a structured and achievable plan of action.

  • Firstly I will meet with you to clarify the scope of the project
  • I will spend some time at your business premises gathering the data I need, depending on the size of your organisation that could be between a half and 2 days
  • Back at Kea HQ I will analyse the data and prepare my report to include fact-find plus analysis and recommendations
  • I will then return to your premises to deliver the results of the audit

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Complete a Disciplinary Investigation
In a small business when a disciplinary matter arises how do you, the owner of the business, demonstrate a fair process when you have investigated the situation, managed the disciplinary hearing and then heard the appeal? Here is a link to a recent Tribunal decision which highlights the importance of having different people leading each stage – even in a small family run business Henshaw v Touch Tanning Ltd ET/2605284/09.

Since the introduction of the 2009 ACAS Code disciplinary investigations have become critically important prior to a formal disciplinary hearing.

If you found yourself defending a claim for unfair dismissal the tribunal would look at how thoroughly you handled the investigation. They will look at:

  • who was spoken to
  • what evidence was gathered
  • could other people have been guilty
  • was there any admittance to the allegations
  • mitigating circumstances

What’s Included in the Kea Disciplinary Investigation?
I would attend your premises initially to take a full brief from you. I would then return at a mutually agreed date to interview all staff concerned and prepare comprehensive witness statements and gather the evidence.

Away from your premises I would prepare a written report. The report will provide a comprehensive objective review and analysis of the facts and issues. It will not reach any conclusions or give any recommendation as to “rights and wrongs”, although it would identify any procedural shortcomings so that these could be rectified before proceeding.

Depending on the availability of your staff my aim would be for you to receive the report within 5 working days of receiving your brief.

Finally, if required, I would attend your premises on the day of the hearing to present my findings.

I have developed a network of professional contacts who provide highly specialist additional input if needed, for example: private detectives and forensic computing experts.

The benefits of having disciplinary investigations conducted by a skilled and independent third party are:-

  • Experience and knowledge in carrying out disciplinary and grievance investigations with a full understanding of what needs to be documented and investigated
  • In-depth understanding of the legal framework
  • Objectivity – no prior knowledge of the people involved
  • Reduced emotions and tensions in highly charged situations
  • Significantly reduced risk of an employment tribunal
  • Skills in handling sensitive situations, including investigations of alleged race, sex or other discrimination or harassment, bullying or victimisation

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Design and Review Contracts of Employment
It’s a legal requirement that every employee must receive a contract of employment within two months of starting work.

I can create tailored contracts to suit your company style that help ensure your expectations are clearly set out from the beginning, so there are no misunderstandings as employment progresses.

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Design and Review Employee Handbooks
Employment legislation is changing on a regular basis and without HR support, some businesses can end up feeling a bit lost. By ensuring all your HR policies are legally compliant, consistent and easily understood, your business will effectively reduce the number of problems that could arise and will deal efficiently and effectively with those that do, managing the risk to your business and saving costs in the future.

Employee Handbooks ensure every employee receives the same information, no more chinese whispers!

The content will compliment your contracts of employment and will clearly set out what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you in return.

The content of your Employee Handbook will be tailored to reflect your existing working practices whilst taking into account your specific business needs and future goals. Your handbook will:

  • Summarise the benefits you offer your employees such as holiday entitlement, bonuses, company cars and company sick pay
  • Describe the employment policies you will follow when dealing with common HR issues such as disciplinary matters and unsatisfactory levels of attendance at work.
  • Describe your working practices for instance you may want to clarify your expectations regarding attendance at work and payment for non-attendance during a period of adverse weather conditions, if you are a retail business then customer service and cash handling will be important to you and if you are a catering business then you will want to ensure your employees are familiar with your rules associated with their health and hygiene.

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Implement, Review or Support You With Your Appraisal Programmes (Appraisals)
The Performance Review Process is a vital tool to improve performance but is also useful for harnessing commitment from your employees. So, if you don’t have a Performance Review Process your employees are being held back and that could make the difference between the success and failure of your business!!!

If you do have a performance review process in place here are some questions for you to consider:

  • How do you make use of the performance reviews?
  • What are the goals of these reviews?
  • Are employees judged, trained, promoted, etc. by objective data?

I could help you:-

  • Design and implement a new Appraisal Programme
  • Review and improve an existing Appraisal Programme
  • Manage the Appraisal Process – particularly useful if this will be the first time you have held appraisals with your employees

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Improve Employee Motivation
If your employees are not happy, how can you expect them to keep your customers happy?

I can help you by:

  • Analysing levels of employee turnover
  • Conducting an employee survey
  • Reviewing your benefits package
  • Reviewing your training and succession programmes
  • Reviewing your job roles to give great job satisfaction
I will help you to find ways to motivate your employees without breaking the bank.

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Manage Redundancy and Restructuring Programmes
I have led numerous redundancy and restructuring programmes and can offer a complete service that will reduce your business costs and improve work efficiency whilst ensuring your people are taken care of and treated fairly.

Here are some of the ways I could help you with redundancy and restructuring programmes:-

  • Offering expert advice on TUPE transfers, mergers, downsizing and restructuring
  • Delivery of change programmes ensuring the process is legally compliant
  • Providing coaching to managers on effectively dealing with change
  • Designing a selection process and considering pools of candidates when redundancy is necessary
  • Supporting employees who are leaving your business in securing alternative roles
  • Supporting those employees who are staying with you
  • Providing a comprehensive managers guidance pack that will support you and your managers through each stage of the process and will include process flow charts, template letters, check-lists and scripts for the formal meetings

I have the expertise to lead your business through difficult economic times. From the first discussion stages I will work with you to project manage the process and provide you with specialist advice and guidance to support your business at every stage.

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Mediate When You Have a Dispute
Mediation is a voluntary, safe and confidential process of dispute resolution in which an impartial third party facilitates a series of private meetings with the individuals.

An impartial and non-judgemental mediator will create the conditions for dialogue between the parties involved and reach an outcome which is mutually acceptable and agreed by both parties, not the mediator.

Your mediator will:-

  • facilitate the discussion
  • listen to the different views
  • be impartial
  • not seek to judge or blame anyone

On the day the mediation takes place there will be a series of individual and group meetings that will draw out the different views and encourage the parties to arrive at their own solution.

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Support with Negotiating Settlement Agreements
Settlement Agreements, where an employee agrees not to make a claim against their employer in return for a financial settlement, were introduced in September 2013.

How I Work

  • Meeting on site to discuss the scope of the project
  • Supporting ‘without prejudice’ discussions with the employee
  • Preparation of the settlement agreement
  • Negotiation with the employee’s advisor
  • Unlimited telephone and admin support during the project

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Support with Responding to a Tribunal Claim
If an ET3 form has arrived on your desk you are probably looking for some guidance on how to respond and the next steps in the process.

You have 28 days from the date of receipt of the ET3 and you will have received written confirmation of the deadline for responding with the ET3. Put the date in your calendars on your desktop and mobile and in your diary so that you do not miss the deadline.

I can help you prepare your response, gather your evidence and put your statements together.

How I Work

  • Meeting with you to clarify the scope of the project
  • Preparation of a process flow chart
  • Advice and support with completing and returning the ET3
  • Advice and support with the preparation of witness statements
  • Advice and support with negotiations with the ACAS Conciliator
  • Unlimited telephone and email support during the project

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Support with Staff Transfers (TUPE)
The Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, are generally referred to as TUPE.

The Regulations provide protection for employees before, during and after the transfer from one employer to another.  Terms and conditions of employment are protected indefinitely.

Incoming Employer
If you are the incoming employer, you will need to undertake a thorough due diligence process. It’s important you do this before you submit your tender so you have a clear understanding of what you are taking on. You should request and examine all relevant employee data and any future potential liabilities which may transfer to you, including salaries, pensions and employee terms & conditions.
Outgoing Employer
If you are the outgoing employer, you have a duty to provide full and correct data on contractual and implied terms of employment as well as any local arrangements, which are in force.Both parties must undertake reasonable consultation with the affected employees.

How I Work

  • I would meet with you at your premises to clarify the scope of the project
  • I would prepare a process flow chart so we are all clear on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it
  • I would help you review the employee data
  • I would provide a comprehensive toolkit for your line managers including template letters, check lists and scripts for the consultation meetings

If you chose to work with me you would receive on-site support during the consultation meetings and unlimited telephone and email support throughout the term of the project.

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Take Notes at A Formal Employment Meeting
When you are chairing a formal meeting, such as a disciplinary hearing, it can be difficult to take comprehensive notes, keep track of what is been said and decide where you want the meeting to go next. I can ensure an accurate transcript of the meeting is recorded. My hand-written version will be available for you immediately and a typed version will be provided within 1 working day.

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