How To Structure The Recruitment Interview

How To Structure The Recruitment Interview. After you have selected the candidates that you wish to meet with, it pays to approach the interviews in pretty much the same way you would any other business meeting i.e. by having a fixed agenda. Knowing what questions you will ask, and what information you will provide will not only speed up the process but will provide a framework that ensures each candidate receives the same information.

At the end of this post is a link to a template interview questionnaire for you to download and adapt for your own business.

How to Structure The Recruitment Interview

The interview structure I describe here is broken down into four parts. The second stage is when you gather information about the candidate. In the third stage of the interview, you provide information about the company and the department and role. Many interviewers’ structure these the opposite way round. There are two key reasons why I prefer to do it this way: the first is that by providing information about the role in the third stage the candidate is talking to you freely in stage two and their answers are not swayed by some of the information you have just given them; the second reason is that if the candidate is clearly not suitable you can save yourself some time and miss out the third stage.

WELCOME   Put the candidate at ease
Check their name and what they like to be called
Introduce the panel
Outline the structure of the interview
Explain that the panel will be taking notes
Check the candidate’s car parking arrangements i.e. not on a meter
Explain the format of the selection process
ACQUIRE   Explore the reasons for applying for the position, how they heard about it, what they know of the company etc
Career history – starting with the most recent position and explore experience/achievements gained in previous roles
Probe gaps in employment history/reasons for leaving previous jobs
Education – focus on professional qualifications were appropriate and school education for recent school leavers
Ask about areas that are key to the role for instance geographical knowledge for a driver
Summarise the conversation – ask about strengths and weaknesses
SUPPLY   Explain about the company’s history and future plans
Give a brief overview of the department
Expand on the job description
Discuss salary expectations and terms and conditions of employment
Give the candidate the opportunity to ask any questions
Ask the candidate for evidence of the eligibility to work in the UK
PART   Ask the candidate if they have any questions for you
Give the timetable for the decision
Confirm what the next stage will be i.e. second interview
Thank applicant for attending

Top Tips
It’s important to find out why candidates have moved from one employer to another in the past as this information could help you determine what is likely to attract them to join and stay with their next organisation.

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How To Structure The Recruitment Interview

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