ESSENTIALS Recruitment Package

My Essentials Recruitment Package is aimed at clients who have a limited budget.

How The Essentials Recruitment Package Works

You provide:

  • The job description, if you don’t have one, we can help you produce one
  • Details of the key skills, experience, qualifications the ideal candidate is likely to have
  • Details of the benefits package and what it’s like working for your business.

I will:

  • Prepare your advert.
  • Place your advert on Indeed and Universal Job Match.

Additional advertising on the following Premium Job Boards can be added at an extra cost:

  • Charity Jobs: £150 + VAT (normal price is £245 + VAT)
  • CV Library: £100 + VAT (normal price is £149 + VAT)
  • Jobsite: £150 + VAT (normal price is £169 + VAT)
  • Reed: £100 + VAT (normal price is £150 + VAT)
  • Total Jobs: £150 + VAT (normal price is £169 + VAT)

All adverts will run for 28 days.

All applications will be directed to you for you to shortlist and arrange interviews directly with the candidate.

Fees for the Essentials Recruitment Package

The cost of the Essentials Recruitment Package is £75. Retainer clients save 20% and will pay £60 per campaign.

Premium advertising can be purchased at the rates stated above.

Invoices will be raised in advance of adverts being placed.

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now

If you would like to buy my Essentials Recruitment Package simply add your name and contact details below. As soon as I receive your request, I will give you a call …

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