Legal Compliance Package

My Legal Compliance Package ensures your Contracts, Handbook and Associated Policies comply with employment legislation and protect your business

My Legal Compliance Package ensures your essential employment documents accurately remain up-to-date with new employment legislation and changes to existing legislation so you avoid complicated situations developing.

Remaining compliant with UK Employment Legislation can be a real headache because it’s constantly changing. Some of these changes occur annually and are easy to prepare for, such as national minimum wage increases. Historically changes to UK employment law were introduced in either April or October each year. However, the Cameron-Clegg Coalition Government (2010-2015) abolished this set timetable and since then changes to employment law take place throughout the year. On top of that there are tribunal rulings that can affect how we interpret legislation.

When you subscribe to my Legal Compliance Package, I will update your documents accordingly, so you can relax in the knowledge that your HR documents will remain up-to-date.

A small selection of legislation received Royal Assent but were not implemented before Parliament dissolved for the general election, they are:

  • Minimum Service Levels during Industrial Action (new)
  • Neonatal Leave (new)
  • Non-compete Restrictions (new)
  • Paternity Leave (bereavement) (new)
  • Predictable Terms and Conditions (new)
  • Tips, Gratuities and Service Charges (new)
  • TUPE (amended)

When the Minimum Service Levels Bill received Royal Assent Labour made it very clear that if elected they would abolish the legislation, so that is unlikely to be implemented. The remainder however had cross party support and are unlikely to be scrapped by the new Labour government. So will be introduced during the remainder of 2024 or early 2025;

The Labour party manifesto for the 2024 General Election was published on 13 June 2024, and pledged to introduce legislation in parliament within 100 days of forming a government to bring in the proposed changes. The proposals high on the Governments agenda for 2024-25 are:

Single Status of Worker
Proposed Change

Current Position
A single status of worker will be created for everyone except the self-employed. Everyone within the single status will be entitled to the same benefits.

A consultation will also be undertaken to determine how a simpler framework to differentiate between workers and self-employed.

There are currently three categories of worker: ‘worker’, ’employee’ and ‘self-employed’.

The proposal will remove the distinction between the existing worker and employee categories leaving two employment statuses of worker and self-employed.

Zero Hours Contracts
Proposed Change

Current Position
Eliminate zero hours contracts to ensure all jobs provide a minimum level of job security and predictable hours. The plan is for workers to have contracts that represent the hours they usually work, based on a 12-week reference period and receive reasonable notice of any change in shifts or working time, with compensation proportionate to the notice given for any cancelled shift. A zero hour contract is type of casual worker contract under which someone is engaged without there being a minimum level of guaranteed work or pay. In 2015, the Conservative government banned exclusivity clauses in these types of contracts, meaning zero hours workers were free to work for other organisations. Currently, any rights that workers have in relation to shift scheduling will depend on the contractual terms in place or the shift policy in operation.
National Minimum Wage
Proposed Change

Current Position
Change the Low Pay Commissions remit to ensure the cost of living is taken into account when recommending annual increases to the NMW Rates. The age bands will also be removed creating one single hourly rate regardless of age. Currently the age bands are: 16-17, 18-20 and 21+.
Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave
Proposed Change

Current Position
Enhance maternity protection to prohibit dismissal for 6 months following a return to work from maternity leave; except in specific circumstances.

Make Unpaid Parental Leave a day one right.

The ability to dismiss a woman returning from maternity leave will still be permitted but the circumstances when it would be permitted are not defined as yet.

Unpaid parental leave will continue to be unpaid.

Bereavement Leave
Proposed Change

Current Position
Extend the entitlement to bereavement leave. Bereavement leave is currently on available to parents following the death of a child.
Sick Pay
Proposed Change

Current Position
Strengthen Statutory Sick Pay by removing the ‘lower earnings limit’ and waiting days before SSP is paid. Currently employees whose earnings are below the lower earnings limit are not entitled to SSP; for those who do qualify the first 3 days of any period of sickness are unpaid.
Right to Switch Off
Proposed Change

Current Position
Introduce a right for workers to switch off which would include a right to not routinely work outside normal working hours and not to be contacted outside normal working hours. In the UK, workers are already protected by various means including limits to working time, the requirement to provide breaks, right to respect for private and family life and an employer’s duty of care to look after their employees’ health and safety. However, there is currently no right to disconnect.
Unfair Dismissal
Proposed Change

Current Position
Workers will be protected from unfair dismissal from day one of employment.

The proposed new rules will require an employer to have a fair reason and follow a fair process when dismissing an employee, regardless of length of service.

Labour have said that probationary periods with a fair and transparent process will not be prevented, so we should still be able to assess new recruits and dismiss them when necessary without going through the full disciplinary or capability procedure.

Employees who feel they have been unfairly dismissed will be able to make a claim for unfair dismissal.

Currently employees are protected from unfair dismissal after accruing two years continuous service.

Fire and Rehire Practices
Proposed Change

Current Position
Provide remedies against abuse of fire and rehire practices. The intention had been to ban fire and rehire practices; but the proposals confirm they will be permitted in circumstances where there are genuinely no alternatives.

How Does The Legal Compliance Package Work?

Having legally compliant Contracts of Employment and associated HR Policies is vital to reduce risks in your business. I won’t force a set of pre-written HR Policies and Contracts of Employment on you, what I will do is review, update and maintain your existing employee handbook and ensure your suite of employment contracts protect your business. If you don’t have existing documents in place, I will work with you to provide documents that reflect your business style: see Ready To Go Employee Handbook and Bespoke Employee Handbooks. I will develop, implement and maintain a consistent approach to your HR related policies and procedures which will be based on employment legislation, best practice techniques and your HR practices, they will also support your business goals and objectives and increase employee engagement and retention.

All documents I prepare on your behalf will be provided electronically using Microsoft Word.

You will also receive Regular Employment Law Updates confirming the impact changes in legislation may have on your business with recommendations for appropriate action.

How Much Does Legal Compliance Package Cost?

Excellent value at only £1,460 per year, which can be paid 12 monthly instalments of £135. Save 10% on your fees by paying annually.

Additional Services To Boost The Legal Compliance Package

Remote Support

People are unfortunately unpredictable, and your steady ship can suddenly feel like its riding the rapids. I have a breadth of experience dealing with these tricky people situations and I am here to guide you through the rapids. There’s nothing I haven’t seen or dealt with before! So, when you have a tricky employee issue such as sickness, misconduct or poor timekeeping I am here to provide advice and support at an extra charge.

Onsite Support

On-site support is available at an extra cost for when you want the reassurance of having an on-site HR presence for support with the more complex HR situations that can crop up in any business. For instance: attendance at management meetings or to support you with specific HR projects such as complex disciplinary situations, coordinating a recruitment programme or planning and implementing a restructuring programme.

Check out my HR Advice and Support Services for packages that include unlimited remote advice and on-site support.

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