Bespoke Employee Handbook

A Professional and Comprehensive Employee Handbook For Your Business

Your Bespoke Employee Handbook will:
  • Protect Your Business
  • Improve Consistency
  • Be Written in Plain English
  • Remain Up To Date

The Bespoke Employee Handbook service is ideal if you are looking to implement a professional and comprehensive employee handbook that is tailored to the needs of your business. You will also find the Bespoke Employee Handbook service suitable if your existing employee handbook is out of date and ready for a re-write.

You will probably already have contracts of employment and an employee handbook in place but they are no longer legally compliant and no longer accurately reflect your business practices and are looking for greater flexibility and protection for your business.

By taking advantage of over 25 years of experience in writing Employee Handbooks you will receive a bespoke, up-to-date handbook that reflects your specific company culture.

Outsourcing the writing of your employee handbook to me allows you to focus on what you know best.

Benefits of Introducing a Bespoke Employee Handbook

If you ask me to write your Employee Handbook you can expect me to:

  • Protect Your Business
    When your Employee Handbook carefully spells out your employment policies misunderstandings will occur less frequently and if an employee does get confused about your expectations, then resolving that confusion will be straight-forward.
  • Improve Consistency
    Carefully written employment policies supported by clear guidance notes for your management team will ensure decisions are made consistently across your business.
  • Write in Plain English
    Written, in plain English, by an experienced HR Practitioner, your employee’s will find the content easy to understand. If you have employees whose first language is not English, I can arrange for your Employee Handbook to be translated into the appropriate language(s).
  • Keep You Up To Date
    Where any statutory requirements are amended within 12 months of completing your employee handbook, I will notify you and update the document free of charge. Where any company policies or custom and practice dictate a change to the content, I will provide a quote based on my normal hourly rate.

Features of the Kea Bespoke Employee Handbook Service

  • Content
    The content of your Employee Handbook will be tailored to reflect your existing working practices whilst taking into account your specific business needs and future goals. Your handbook will:

    • Summarise the benefits you offer your employees such as holiday entitlement, bonuses, company cars and company sick pay
    • Describe the employment policies you will follow when dealing with common HR issues such as disciplinary matters and unsatisfactory levels of attendance at work.
    • Describe your working practices for instance you may want to clarify your expectations regarding attendance at work and payment for non-attendance during a period of adverse weather conditions, if you are a retail business then customer service and cash handling will be important to you and if you are a catering business then you will want to ensure your employees are familiar with your rules associated with their health and hygiene.
  • Presentation
    The presentation of the final product will be considered at the drafting stage as this will affect how I lay out the content and should be consistent with the tone of the handbook. Options for presentation include: printed i.e. ring binders and bound booklets and electronic i.e. intranet, internet, or e-mail (electronic versions are much easier and quicker to update and republish). Your Employee Handbook will be provided in the format you choose for instance Microsoft Word or Publisher or HTML and will be delivered to you via Email.

    If you choose to go ahead with printed copies of your Employee Handbook you are then able to arrange with your usual printer to print and bind the document or you can produce the document in house. Alternatively, I have a number of clients who are printers who would be happy to provide a quote for the work.

How Much Does The Service Cost?

My fees for producing your Employee Handbook will depend on where you are now with your HR policies and how much detail needs adding to that. So I’ll need to look at what you have now and talk to you about your expectations before quoting a price to you.

If you have all the policies you need in place and my job is simply a case of updating it all, where necessary, to comply with current employment legislation then that would take a small amount of time.

If you have very little in place and are looking for me to recommend policies then, once written, my proposals would need reviewing by your senior management team and any recognised trade union. That process would involve a substantial amount of my time and therefore the cost would be much higher.

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