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Breathe HR Is An Online HR System Designed For SME’s

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Kea HR have partnered with Breathe HR so we can help you streamline your HR processes and manage your employee admin in a more efficient way for better business performance. The software is a powerful solution for managing core HR administrative tasks including employee holidays; absence; performance and training.

Employee admin can be time-consuming, rather than employing someone to complete core HR administrative tasks, it may be more cost effective to invest in a HR Management System. Automating those time-consuming HR administrative tasks will transform the way you do HR.

Breathe HR Management System

The Breathe HR Management System has the following capabilities:

Employee Records
Breathe centralises your people data in the cloud, so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are and whatever device you are using. Employees can also access their own record from anywhere so they can request holiday and submit expense claims on the move.

  • Company documents – easily share your company documents, policies and procedures with the whole team, a group of individuals or just one employee and monitor who has read them.
  • Employee document library – employees get access to their document library where they can confirm they’ve read individual documents.
  • Employee specific documents – all documents relating to individual employees are stored in one secure place such as DBS records, emergency contacts, ID and driving licence records.

When you share a document with employees you will be able to track when they are opened, read, or expire.

This means when an employee asks for a copy of a document, such as their contract of employment or their personal development information, you no longer have to go searching through a filing cabinet. Each employee will have secure access to their individual record. Saving you time and reducing the need for employees to ask you for information.

Medical Facts
Both HR users and individual employees can add medical facts against their records. The simple medical form identifies different medical facts such as allergies and conditions, rate the severity of the medical fact and note if there are any symptoms or actions that need to be taken. The severity types are colour coded so you can see at a glance if there are any health problems you need to be aware of.

Payroll and Expenses
Within Breathe, you can export changes made to employee records, in order to update employee payroll information. This can be their personal details, job details or salary changes.
When you run the payroll export it will create an excel document containing all the information that the payroll team needs to run the payroll correctly.

Breathe also has the functionality to claim expenses. Employees can manage their own expenses from their dashboard and submit them with the relevant receipts for approval.

Job Duties
The Job Duties section allows the HR user to assign key duties to employees. This is then visible on the employee profile and employee directory so that all employees can see this vital information. Managers and HR can search by duties, great if you can’t remember who has keys to the office.
Probation Management
With the Breathe software the probation processes will run as smoothly as possible and send reminders for key events/dates in the process. No more missed dates resulting in prbationers becoming permanent employees by default!!!
The Equipment module allows you to keep track of who’s got what, particularly important if you have remote workers. You can log the date it was given and set reminders for H&S checks and return dates, if it was a temporary arrangement. The module allows you to add your own equipment needs such as laptops, printers, mobile telephones, headsets etc.
Working Time
Breathe has the functionality to log working time. Logs can be linked to projects, enabling Managers to see how individuals are using their time.

The software also has a Time Of In Lieu function, which can be turned on or off. If you have it turned on, the system will record TOIL and your employees will then be able to request TOIL from their employee dashboard. When the employee has requested the TOIL, you will receive a notification email asking you approve the request. Once approved the time will be added to their annual leave allowance. You will notice underneath the employee’s holiday allowance, an additional adjustments column. This will display the approved TOIL requests, who they were approved by, the reason, as well as the dates TOIL was accrued.

Holiday Entitlement
Breathe’s holiday planner affords your employees transparency over how much holiday they’re entitled to and how much they’ve already taken. Requesting leave couldn’t be simpler either, staff can book holiday and add notes to their requests, from any device. Your managers can easily see who in their team is away and approve or decline requests for leave from their dashboard. No more spreadsheet calculations!!!
Sickness Absence
With Breathe, every absence is logged, approved and analysed. By having a centralised absence management system, you can identify and understand why and when employees are off ill, enabling you to be proactive and nip problems in the bud, whilst also monitoring sickness, spot trends and take action without adding extra admin. Your HR user can also set absence triggers to help you and your employees follow your absence policy.
Other Types of Absence
With Breathe, you can record and track all employee absence – no matter what type such as parental leave and pay, compassionate leave, medical appointment, special leave, unauthorised leave. You can then see at a glance when an employee is due to return to work and set reminders to keep in touch with your employee and plan for their return.
Performance Management
Keeping on top of performance is key within a business, fortunately Breathe records all individual employee performances including;

  • Book and record one-to-one meetings and annual appraisals;
  • Keep notes of all one-to-one meetings and annual appraisals;
  • Record actions and objectives;
  • Link employee objectives with company goals;
  • Send notifications and reminders to ensure meetings happen.

Even if you don’t have a formal appraisal system setting objectives that line up with company objectives will ensure your employees feel connected, engaged and motivated.

The Thank You Board allows you to recognise achievements, say thanks and boost employee engagement by making employees feel appreciated with customisable messages. If enabled, anyone within the company can give another employee a thank you message.

Training Records
Breathe allows you to record booked training such as training courses, formal qualifications or professional formation (such as QTLS/ATS) peer review, mentoring or shadowing against an individual employee and see how they are progressing and when they have completed the training.
The calendar function shows all the schedueld absences and meetings. So you can see at a glance who is away, who is going away, who has appraisals due and who has development tasks to complete. It is automatically updated, and you can filter by department and type of absence. Employees will be able to view the calendar for holidays and training but sensitive information such as sickness will be limited to the HR User.

The Breathe Calendar will also display in other applications such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Community Dashboard
The community dashboard is a great place to bring your company together with company announcements, viewing and liking the latest praise and voting and starting discussions on suggestions your employees may have.

The dashboard can also show the praise leaderboard, which will show you who in the company has received the most thanks.

Visually see the hierarchy of your business quickly and effectively with the organisation chart.

Management Reporting
With Breathe you will identify trends that matter with custom reports showing the key information you need.

Helping you manage your employee admin for better business performance. The easy-to-use software is a powerful solution for managing core HR tasks.

Permission Levels

Permission levels simplify your day and encourage autonomy, while maintaining access rights for those who need them, making it super easy to keep sensitive data safe.

  • I would be your HR User (super user) and would set up your account and have access to everything.
  • Your managers would have access to the sensitive information.
  • Employees would have access to their own sensitive information and would be able to request time off work for holidays.

You decide whether your managers will manage the functionality of the employees within their area of your business or you can pass some or all of that to me.

Benefits of the Breathe HR Management System

So why should you ditch the spreadsheets and filing cabinets and switch to the Breath HR Management System?

HR Advice and Support Saves Your Time
Breathe helps you keep on top of day-to-day HR admin tasks like managing holiday entitlement, sickness and family friendly leave, so you can spend more time focussing on your people and growing your business. On average, our clients who are using Breathe HR say it saves them 5 hours a week.
Everything is in One Place
Breathe centralises your people data in the cloud, so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are and whatever device you are using.
Improves efficiency icon Improves Efficiency
Breathe’s easy-to-use system streamlines your everyday tasks whilst giving your people useful visibility of their holiday allowances, personal details and more – so you can wave goodbye to unnecessary admin.
Data Security Icon Keeps Your Data Secure
We understand that entrusting personal data into a system can be daunting, but the security of your data is our number one priority. With Breathe’s ISO27001-accredited software, you’ll have peace of mind that your data is in safe hands and you’re staying GDPR-compliant.

And now for some technical stuff…. Breathe exists on a RAID 10 array, making it very robust and reliable. However, in the extremely unlikely event of a major problem, they do have a backup policy. The system is backed up to an Amazon S3 storage bucket, which sets the standard in terms of security and reliability. Backups are kept for seven days. In addition, a backup is kept from the 1st of each month for three months. The backup includes all client data and documents and is stored here in the UK. This is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of backup files over any given year.

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Additional Breathe HR Modules To Boost Your HR Management System

With Breathe’s Learning tool you can educate and upskill your people and drive success.
  • Topics range from team and time management to internet security and GDPR.
  • Courses can be assigned to your people and you can track progress and achievements.
  • Set complete-by dates and send reminders at the click of a button.
  • Streamline your induction process with ready-made courses designed to get your new recruits up to speed.
Rota, Time and Attendance
With Breathe’s Rota, Time & Attendance tool, you can easily manage shifts and simplify processes for managers and employees.
  • Create automated and personalised reports.
  • Build and publish your staff rota.
  • Record start and finish times with Timeclock.
  • Save timesheets securely.
  • Accept, decline and swap shifts with personal dashboards.
The Breathe Expenses software allows your employees to submit expense claims which you can then approve.
  • Employees can effortlessly record and submit expenses at their desk, at home or on the go.
  • Mileage can be calculated quickly.
  • Receipts can be snapped on their phones and uploaded in a flash.
  • Claims and receipts can be instantly approved or rejected, with the option to add a comment.
  • Handy email notifications keep everyone informed throughout the process.

Find Out More About The Breathe HR Management System

There are two ways you can introduce the Breath HR Management System into your business: the majority of my clients opt for me managing the account on their behalf, a small number of clients manage their own account.

Managed By Kea HR

If you would like me to set up your account, upload all your employee data and be your super user, complete the form below and I will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Managed By You

If you would like to manage your own account the Breathe support team will make sure you are up and running in no time and will be pleased to answer your questions. Support is included in all their subscription plans but you can also contact me if you have any questions.
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