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What could you do with less stress and more hours in your day?

If you are a business owner, time is your most precious resource. You are busy growing your business and every second counts. Sometimes you are pulled in so many different directions you feel like you are not giving some activities your full attention. That’s when pieces of your business fall through the cracks, causing you even more stress! Outsourcing some or all of your HR responsibilities to Kea HR Solutions can help you to concentrate on what you do best – leading your small business to achieve positive results.

As the owner of a small business there will be occasions when you need extra help managing your employees.

Outsourcing some or all of your HR responsibilities to Kea HR Solutions can help you to concentrate on what you do best – leading your small business to achieve positive results.

As a business owner your primary concern will be revenue generating activities and deciding how to structure your business, then recruiting the right people into the right jobs at the right time are intensive time-consuming tasks that take you away from running your business. It doesn’t stop there though as once you start employing people you not only have to keep on top of new employment legislation but you have to decide how to correctly interpret that legislation in the day-to-day operations of your business!

Whether you employ one person or 100 you will come up against employee issues. If you are the HR hat wearer in your business but have no formal HR training then you will no doubt be spending a significant amount of your time firefighting employee issues and worrying about the decisions you have to make.

If you are spending a significant proportion of your time on non-revenue generating activities such as HR Management then it may be time to consider outsourcing part or all of your HR responsibilities to an expert, such as Kea HR Solutions, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

I practice what I preach! As the owner of a small business myself I focus on the work that I am passionate about and outsource all the other stuff that I’m not so keen on.

By outsourcing your HR responsibilities to Kea HR you will be free to manage your business.

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HR Services

Employee Handbooks
HR Advice and Support Services
An Essential Guide To Working At Your Business

Advice and Support Just When You Need It Ideal for Growing Businesses
Employee Handbooks provide an essential guide to working at your company and introduce your employees to your culture and values. Employee Handbooks are a vital document during the induction and probation periods and their importance continues throughout the employees’ period of employment with you as it will be the first place the employee turns to for information.

Your Employee Handbook should support your employment contract by setting out how employees are expected to conduct themselves, who they can turn to if they need support, and what they can expect from you as their employer or manager. It should also provide information about everything from company policies to employee benefits and housekeeping arrangements.

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As a business owner you will be all to aware how a relatively simple matter can develop into a major headache. When one of those headaches crops up you need an answer today – not next week!

My HR Advice Service is here for you to use just when you need it, I will provide straight-forward answers to your HR questions, no matter how routine they might be. Whether you want to check the steps you need to follow when investigating a potential case of gross misconduct, discuss an employee with an unsatisfactory absence record or double check statutory entitlements such as holiday or maternity, I will be able offer as much or as little support as you need.

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I understand how important it is to recruit the right people each and every time you recruit and how much time that process takes. With that in mind I designed my low cost fully managed Recruitment Packages to take away all those time-consuming parts of the process and make sure that you only have to deal with the serious candidates.

Whether you are looking to recruit your first employee, need to quickly ramp up your headcount or are looking to recruit a HR Administrator or HR Manager for your business, I am here to help you.

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Employment Law Fact Sheet 2022-23

My popular Employment Law Fact Sheet has been updated with the latest statutory entitlements and what is on the employment law timetable:

  • Accrual of Employment Rights,
  • Section 1 Statement and Main Terms and Conditions of Employment,
  • Minimum Statutory Entitlements, and
  • What’s on the UK Employment Law Timetable.
Kea HR Employment Law Fact Sheet

Top Tips For Managers Of People

Latest Legislation News
Latest Tribunal News
Management Information
Neo-natal Care

Holiday Pay For Leavers Easter Holidays
The Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill received Royal Assent on 24 May 2023 becoming the Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Act 2023. The Neonatal Care legislation enables parents to take up to 12 weeks’ paid leave to enable them to spend more time with their baby if it is receiving neonatal care in a hospital or other agreed care setting due to being born early or being sick within the first four weeks of their life.

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Mr Conner was dismissed following a period of illness. On termination of his employment, he was entitled to payment in lieu of accrued but unused holiday time. His employment agreement stipulated that this would be computed at a rate of 1/365.

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Employers with a holiday year which runs from 1 April – 31 March should consider when the Easter bank holidays fall each year. Easter bank holiday dates change each year and could fall early one year and late the following year, affecting the number of bank holidays in the one holiday year. If two easters fall within one holiday year you risk breaching the Working Time Regulation by given less than the statutory minimum entitlement for that holiday year.

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See What My Clients Say

  • Kenny LeahOperations Director, Smok'd, London

    Kathryn was an absolute pleasure to deal with we are a small company with two sites and we are looking at expansion which is the reason we brought Kathryn and her expertise onboard.

    Kathryn made the experience coming on board really easy for us along with the great advice we now feel protected with the advice and knowledge of Kathryn we will have a motivated and happy team in both pubs, we now have the handbooks that we have always wanted along with great advice.

    Would defiantly recommend.

  • Dane BriddockOwner, Stuart's Fruit and Veg, Sheffield

    We have been using the HR Support Centre for a few years now and have found the content very helpful and it has saved us a huge amount of time. If we cannot find what we are looking for on the website, we simply contact Kathryn and she sends us an email containing whatever we need. We have also compared the cost of this service with other providers and find it is very reasonable.

  • Wendy CollinsAccountant, Leap Design, Sheffield,

    As a small business we did not have the time, experience or resources to allocate to employing a human resource professional but were occasionally faced with issues that if remained unchecked, could have had serious repercussions on the future performance of our business. We became members of the Kea HR Support Centre in 2013 and the resource materials have helped us focus on our key operational areas and core business by removing the problems associated with human resources legislation compliance. Our employees are also happy in the knowledge that these areas are dealt with professionally and with a certain level of integrity. I have no reservation in recommending Kea HR as a professional and reliable company for human resource services.

  • Lynn MartinDirector, Lynnies Lunch Stop, Doncaster,

    I have been using the Online HR Department for a few years and have been very pleased with the results! The information and content are always relevant and up to date, and Kathryn is very proactive in developing new documents that align with the ever-changing employment legislation. Additionally, Kathryn responds quickly to my queries and always provides sound and reliable advice. I would highly recommend the service.

  • Chris LambertFinancial Director, Roy Hatfield Limited, Rotherham

    We were struggling to keep up with HR legislation and were worried we were not always making the right decisions regarding staff issues. We have found Kathryn to be very professional and she always provides fast and reliable answers to our questions. She has updated our employee handbook and staff contracts so they are an accurate reflection of our working practices and expectations. We highly recommend her.

  • Debra and DeniseDirectors, Leslie Frances Hair Design, Barnsley

    We find the KEA online HR Toolkit excellent for instant access to template documents for recruitment, maternity and disciplinary procedures. The newsletters keep us at the forefront of any changes to current legislation and Kathryn’s prompt response to e-mail enquiries is great when we need a quick solution to a situation.

  • Jamie OlliventOperations Director, Regional Media Ltd, Rotherham

    Kathryn’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism has been absolutely vital to our business since we chose to use her services. As well as advising us through the Covid ‘minefield’ she has produced a complete up-to-date employee handbook, re-written individual contracts for all staff members and has been a trusted advisor to myself and fellow directors as we have restructured our business to meet today’s challenges.

  • Jan FrithPractice Manager, Pearce Buckle (Design Engineers) Limited, Sheffield

    As the wearer of the Human Resources hat in a small business I find the Online HR Department is the best "HR Tool" I have used. If I'm unfamiliar with a piece of legislation, need to update a policy or write to an employee - it's all there at my fingertips. And Kathryn is always just a phone call or an email away. The service certainly makes my job easier!

  • Michael ThorpeDirector, Acorn Brewery, Barnsley

    We have found Kathryn to be quick to respond and professional in the way she carries out her business. Kathryn demonstrates real loyalty to our company, especially when attending client meetings with us, and is a strong part of my senior management team. It is easy to forget that we are not the only company she works for!

  • Mel BroadhurstMel Broadhurst, Director, Boutique Spa, Doncaster

    Kathryn is everything you need in a HR adviser. She is approachable, accessible, incredibly knowledgeable, and when things get tough she is indestructible. Definitely the woman to have on hand to provide proactive HR direction and reactive HR guidance.

  • Sarah-Jane HepplestoneManaging Director, Little Freddies Day Nursery, Penistone

    Kea HR were recommended to us recently to support a particularly complex and sensitive situation that was happening in our business. Kathryn quickly understood the business, our culture and the consequences of dealing with this matter appropriately. Her approach was professional and her advice was based on common sense as well as employment legislation. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone requiring reliable, practical and sound HR advice.

  • Ralph WalkerPartner, The Journey Centre, Rotherham

    We had reached a point in our well established but small business, which to date was only operating with the founding two partners, that to grow it further and take advantage of the many opportunities we were regularly having to put aside we needed to recruit someone to assist us.

    The person we were looking for needed to have a variety of experience and an ability to switch between the many roles that a small business such as ours often demands. The main skill we required however was the capability to move our IT and web involvement forward as this area was very weak as both the partners had only self taught experience.

    From the initial discussions with Kathryn outlining our thoughts just prior to Christmas 2015 we now, in early February 2016 have that person working with us who has already started to develop the weak areas of our business. The person Kathryn has found from the many applicants we had for the job appears to all the right credentials and also comes with experience of our industry which was a huge bonus, as it means he has 'hit the ground running' without the need for extensive initial training.

    Well done Kathryn...., we never thought it could all have happened so quickly, which is really good as it gives the us all the necessary time to get things in place before we reach our peak season. Thanks also for guiding us through the complications of employing someone and the contract you produced.

  • Irene MoranDirector, Towing Centres (UK), Rotherham

    We began working with Kathryn in 2011 on a pay as you go basis. At that point we wanted a second opinion on our contract of employment and weren’t really sure, with 20 staff, that we needed a HR Manager. Since then her knowledge and speedy response to situations has proved invaluable and we now have an annual agreement with her. That means for an agreed monthly fee she takes control of everything HR related for us from ensuring our contracts and HR policies protect our business and remain legally compliant and supporting us with recruiting new members of staff to providing expert professional legal advice with disciplinary matters, absence management and much more. Our staff describe Kathryn as friendly, efficient and fair. Kathryn makes herself available when we need her and doesn’t let us sit on information that needs a decision from us.

    The service offers good value for money, is high quality and is proving effective at addressing and resolving HR issues and improving routine processes. We would be pleased to recommend Kathryn to other employers.

  • Sharron WoodDirector, Goldglaze Limited, Barnsley

    Kathryn has provided my Company with practical, helpful and friendly advice on various employment issues over the last few years. When I contact her for advice she always provides the employment documents I need and they are always easy to understand and implement. Even in a small business like ours issues crop up that we are not sure how to resolve and when they do it’s reassuring to know that Kathryn is just a phone call away. I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to any company requiring expert Human Resources help and advice.

  • Richard RedfearnDirector, Autoways (1931) Limited, Sheffield

    Kathryn’s Online HR Department is a great service. I receive regular updates on pending legislative changes which assist me with keeping up to date and the well written documents ensure we are prepared before new legislation is implemented. The documents are easy to complete and modify to allow for own branding and some personalisation. I would recommend the service to any owner of a small business.

  • Catherine PotterDirector, Potters of Barnsley, Barnsley

    I have subscribed to Kathryn’s Online HR Department for a few years now and have always found the website clear and easy to navigate and the supporting documents are simple and straightforward to download and implement. When I have contacted Kathryn to ask about certain documents or situations that are happening in my business I have always received a quick turn-around time on my emails or phone calls. I have recommended this service to my network of contacts that run small to medium size companies.

  • Allan MillburnManaging Director, IT Installations, Sheffield

    We recently went through a TUPE situation on a BT contract and found Kathryn a great help in something that was very new to us. Kathryn also provides ongoing support to our HR Manager, and I would recommend any company to use her.

  • Reg DhirmanDirector, Ashtec Consulting, Leicester

    Kathryn has been excellent, her support to deal with a recent disciplinary matter has been detailed and purely brilliant. I will definitely be using her services again.

  • Annabel Stonehouse-DavisSenior Recruitment Consultant, A for Appointments, Sheffield

    I feel fortunate enough to have known Kathryn for many years (10 years + ?!) and within that time I have witnessed her career change and develop into who she is now, a successful self employed business woman. Yet Kathryn always remains a kind, approachable and warm person. She is incredibly knowledgable and an expert in the field of HR, a role which she delivers with the upmost professionalism. I would recommend her services to anyone who seeks a friendly, high calibre individual in whom they can put 100% trust. I hope to continue to work with Kathryn well into the next 10 years!

  • Sarah HazeldineHR Manager, Barnsley Hospice, Barnsley

    We have an employment protection insurance policy but in one particularly complex case we did not feel we were receiving the answers we wanted to hear so we asked Kathryn for a second opinion. She met with us and reviewed the case, the next day she provided a report which explained the financial risks to the business if we went ahead without the backing of the insurance company. This enabled us to make a fully informed decision that was right for our business.

  • Linda GornallGeneral Manager, Direct Trade (Yorkshire) Limited, Doncaster

    Direct Trade has been associated with Kathryn for the past 8 years having used the services of Kea HR Solutions since the business was launched in April 2006. Kathryn’s up to date knowledge of employment law legislation and sound, simple advice have enabled Direct Trade to concentrate on running our business knowing that we will always get the best advice in any personnel issues from her.

  • Pepe TozzoDirector, Capex Health, Barnsley

    Kathryn provided me with HR consultancy during a particularly difficult time. The company was hiring and firing at an intense rate so our HR policy had to be solid, defensible and swift to operate. Without Kathryn we would have come unstuck on many occasions and I was very impressed with the swiftness with which we received responses and dependable advice.

  • Carrie GoodwinGroup Communications Manager, Crown Prosecution Service, South Yorkshire and Humberside

    Kathryn is everything you need in a HR adviser. She is approachable, accessible, incredibly knowledgeable, and when things get tough she is indestructible. Definitely the woman to have on hand to provide proactive HR direction and reactive HR guidance.

  • Janet ClaytonSenior HR Advisor, Crown Prosecution Service, Northern Region

    Kathryn worked with the CPS on a Consultancy basis while the HR team went through a period of change. Kathryn is reliable, knowledgeable and her customers spoke highly of the level of support she provided to them. She is a good team player and was always willing to assist the other HR Advisors with their cases and workload.

  • Andrew NikerOperations Manager, Nupark, Rotherham

    Kathryn and I both provided Consultancy support to Care UK, specifically the establishment of the GP and Out Of Hours Services within the Rotherham Community Health Centre. It was a complex project which required someone with a good knowledge of HR practice and employment/TUPE expertise in particular. Kathryn quickly established herself as the focal point for all HR related activity and her knowledge and hard work allowed issues to be resolved in a timely fashion. Kathryn’s tremendous organisational skills along with the ability to prioritise issues ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget.

  • Stuart McClarnanDirector, SJM Fresh Produce, Sheffield

    I recently had a HR situation develop which I didn’t know how to handle and Kathryn provided practical advice which resolved the situation quickly. I also realised through talking to Kathryn that I needed employment contracts for my staff and she implemented a solution that met with current legislation and protected my business. Kathryn also provided us with a simple Employee Handbook which means that my employees now know where to look for information, rather than asking me, and it gives me peace of mind that they all receive exactly the same information, avoiding confusion. The service I have received has been efficient and friendly and I would certainly recommend Kathryn to guide you in the right direction or for reviews of your current contracts of employment.

  • Robert JohnsonDirector, Johnson Estates Limited, Doncaster

    Kathryn makes herself available, for even the smallest of queries, and provides helpful support and assistance in the ever changing area of employment regulations. Given that HR can be complicated, Kathryn presents her advice in a concise and understandable manner and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • Matthew YoungManaging Director, Integrity Property Management, London

    I endorse Kathryn for HR consulting and HR support. When I required her help, the advice she provided was spot on, delivered within time and on budget.

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